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Carole Rushing Owner/Trainer No kill non profit Ga State Licensed Rescue

                                      Before And After

    This page is dedicated to the fighting souls that survived against all odds.

Anna went to Gwinnett in Dec 2013 and is still there. She had Demodex severe infections and was critical. Dedicated Vet Dr. Brad Harris and clinic staff at Gwinnett have gone beyond the call of duty to save this dog...even coming in during the snow storm to give her Epsom salt baths.
Anna is about 6-7 mo old and is rallying from pictures as you can see. We are looking for a Foster home and rehab trainer to work with her. She is starting to feel FRISKY.!!!
Thank you Gwinnett!

                                               Jordan Before

A wonderfully friendly Doberman Pinscher was rescued and recuperated in a veterinarian clinic. This two year old male weighed in at only 53 pounds. He had been chained in a small enclosure with no food or water. He had pressure point sores from laying on concrete, and his bones were coming through his skin. Jordan was obedience trained, neutered and fully recovered before he was put up for adoption.  Jordan was adopted into a happy home!!


                                                Jordan After