Doberman Rescue Of Rockdale, INC

Carole Rushing Owner/Trainer No kill non profit Ga State Licensed Rescue




Sparks was adopted on July 22, 2016 by Debbie Tejada and Arturo!




                Neeko and Roxie

Rescued by my friends and real estate people in Jax Beach Florida.  Border Collie and Aussie Mix.





Adopted into a wonderful home in Florida!



Adele was found with 6 other bulldogs to a tree in the woods in the cold, icy winter.  Her mouth was taped shut.  One open ended barrel was their only shelter and food was thrown all around the tree on the ground.  Four of the six had to be euthanized.

 She was adopted a few months ago and is doing great!  New England Humane Society took her into their rescue and adopted her out after 2 wonderful Fosters worked with her for months.


 Anna (before treatment)


Anna (adopted)









Merlin was adopted into a happy home with 2 other dogs.





Mandy was adopted by her rescuer, Carole Rushing. She has filled a place in our hearts that  will never be replaced by the loss of CoCo - but she seems to know we are still grieving. Her wonderful disposition and affection has taken over our home. What a beautiful-easy dog. She walks by our 2 Male Dobermans, (who adore her) kisses them then comes back to us.Mandy seems to know what we need. That must be the reason I have turned down 38 adopters for her.
She is a BLESSING.




Bryn has been adopted by her Foster Parents-Tracey and Tommy who already have another female Rescue. She and Bryn are best friends. She has a wonderful home.Thanks Atlanta Doberman Rescue for all your help!



Sadie is not a Doberman, but we love her anyway. She was adopted by her new mom recently, and has had some medical issues that Mom took care of right away. We love Happy Endings!! Congrats Sadie!


Jolie has also been adopted by Mike Hedge!! She and Douglas love their new home. Dad reports that he loves this baby girl, and is so happy to have her in his life.






Douglas was adopted by Mike Hedge on January 16th 2010. He has every toy imaginable to play with and absolutely loves his new home!




Elliott was adopted by Ken and Carol Gray. His new sister is Gracie. Elliot is loving his new home! New photos coming soon.



                                              Elliot and Carol



Harley is a big lovin' machine! Carole has decided to give him a permanent home with her, her husband John, her female doberman Coco, her rottie Tron and her 4 rescued cats. He fits into the family like a snug glove, and could not have a better home. He talks to Carole and John (in his own dialect) constantly and loves all the new attention.

Carole knows that Harley could never replace Astro in her heart, but he sure is a good distraction from the pain of losing Astro. He has been a great comfort for Coco who was sleeping in Astro's spot. She became very depressed, and having Harley around gave her a reason to play again.





Cash is a beautiful red male Doberman. He was adopted by the Kilroes on August 8th 2009. They also have two small mixed breed dogs that have embraced Cash as part of the family. Thank You Kilroes for being such a great family for Cash to come in to.






                                  Chipper  (Now Jackson)

Chipper was just over 4 months old when he came to our rescue. He was abused at his former home, the family had small children who constantly screamed at him, and tried to ride him.

Since arriving at our rescue, Chipper learned what love is, and positive training. Chipper loved learning new things, and playing with our resident Rottweiler. Chipper has become a big want to be lap dog. He enjoys taking walks, riding in the car, or just chilling out in the house. Then a wonderful family offered Chipper another life, at their home. Since the first meeting, it was love at first sight. We want to thank The Praters for giving Chipper such a GREAT home, I know you will have many happy years together.

 Adopted July 5, 2009









Rambo was adopted by Anne and her family. He is such a wonderful Doberman. Thanks Anne for giving Rambo his forever home.






Carole tuned down 50+ applications for Vick, waiting for the just perfect home. Well, he hit doggy jackpot! The Abernathys, in north Georgia adopted him. He now accompanies them on their private jet around the world. He loves them almost as much as they love him!!!


Rosie was a sweet little Dobergirl that had a rough start but was rescued by Carole Rushing, Rosie recently passed away due to Cardiomyopathy. Rosie will be forever missed, and always loved...





Rocky was rescued from being a bait dog. He was adopted into a wonderful home with a great family in 2003, and the same family later adopted Gypsy ()!



Gypsy (right) was adopted in 2005, by the same family that adopted Rocky (left) () !!!



Duke (left)  was adopted to a family in 2005, who later also adopted Nike (right) () !!




 Nike was rescued when she was 12 weeks old, by Carole Rushing and Ellen Savage. She had a broken femur that was never treated until she was rescued. She was adopted out to a wonderful family!