Doberman Rescue Of Rockdale, INC

Carole Rushing Owner/Trainer No kill non profit Ga State Licensed Rescue

                             Why Our Rescue Is Different

   We care for each and every rescue as if it is one of our own. They are loved, socialized, leash trained and get the very best Vet care regardless of the cost. We are a small rescue for a reason. We are able to evaluate each dog separately and choose what type of adopter he needs.We move our dogs slowly and carefully to a new home, no matter how long it takes. We believe just moving a dog to a different home is just changing the location. We prefer to be positive it is the right placement as we want only a permanent home for them. Many of these animals have already had many life changes. Please know any dog you place with us or adopt from us is socially and physically healthy.

                                         Our Founder

   Carole Rushing is the founder of the Doberman Rescue of Rockdale, INC. This NO KILL non-profit rescue has been licensed by the Georgia State Department of Agriculture.

   Carole Rushing has been doing rescue for over 30 years. Dobermans for 23. Carole's Father had a boarding,training and show kennel when she was growing up.
They raised German Shepherds. Carole did Junior showmanship and training in conformation and obedience. She is state licensed by the Department of Agriculture.Carole has rescued and trained Doberman, Rottweilers and German Shepherds, however she has narrowed her rescue to Dobermans. She has been affiliated with the German Shepherd Club of America, DPCA Rescue, Atlanta Doberman Club. Carole also has been instrumental in training and placing rescue dogs with law enforcement departments as drug and bomb dogs. Her first love is taking an abused dog in, giving it the best medical care, rehabilitating and training them before adoption. She does only positive reinforcement training.


                              Carole with Astro (left) and Dolly (right)


Carole and Vick


                                   Our Foster Families


Melissa and her family fostered Elliot before he was adopted. They loved him, especially her daughter, Ashleigh!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ................